Computer Information Systems

Computer Information The Computer Information Systems department offers degrees and certificates designed to provide students with the skills necessary to obtain jobs and update skills in the current computing industry or transfer to a four-year school to complete a degree in information technology and computer science.  A broad range of coursework is available for students ranging from those with no previous computing experience to experienced IT professionals.

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  • Certificate Programs
  • Associate in Applied Science Programs
  • Transfer Program
  • Online courses
  • Pathways and course of study for students with no computing background to professionals

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Available coursework in the following areas:

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
CIS-101 Computer Systems & Business Applications
CIS-105 A+ PC Hardware & Software
CIS-106 A+ PC Maintenance & Repair
Introduction to Linux
LAN Administration: Windows Client
Windows Command Processing
Big Data, Data Science and Database Development
Discrete Math for Computing

System Administration
CIS-105 A+ PC Hardware and Software
CIS-106 A+ PC Maintenance & Repair
CIS-119 Windows 
CIS-174 Local Area Network Administration: Windows Client
CIS-177 Introduction to Linux
CIS-174 Local Area Network Administration: Windows Client
CIS-210 Data Comm & Networking Fund

Web Development and Programming
CIS-189-001 Internet Foundations
CIS-190-001 Web Site Development
Introduction to Programming
Discrete Math for Computing

Software Development and Programming
Introduction to Programming
Programming for Engineers
CIS-255 C++ Programming
Discrete Math for Computing

Microsoft Office Courses
CIS-140 Microsoft Word I
CIS-142 Microsoft Word II
CIS-150 Computer Systems Applications
CIS-155 Microsoft Excel I
CIS-161 Microsoft Excel II
CIS-157-001 Microsoft Access I


Four-year schools differ greatly in their requirements. Students should select courses from the general education requirements and electives list that will best fit the program of the school to which they intend to transfer.



Curriculum/Plan of Study
C207A, C407P, C407Q, C407O, C407R, C407J, C515C, C207F, C407N, C407M

 Contact Information

Dr. Daniel Grigoletti
Computer Information Systems Chairperson
Tenure-Track Faculty
Office: M-103
(708) 456-0300, Ext. 3354

D. Lenier Anderson
Tenured Faculty
Office: M-101
(708) 456-0300, Ext. 3349

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