College Readiness

College ReadinessThe Department of College Readiness at Triton College helps students achieve academic success by developing or enhancing basic skill proficiencies in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Placement into the courses in this department are determined by placement test or other test scores (such as ACT, SAT, etc.). Scores determine a student's level of college readiness and indicates if additional preparation is needed in order to be successful in college-level courses.

It's important that students enroll in the appropriate course(s) before beginning college-level coursework.

Check the Testing Center page to get the most current scores for admittance into college-level or college readiness coursework.

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COL 102 - Embracing the College Experience

COL 102 is the Embracing the College Experience course. It is geared towards first semester college students to assist them with adjusting to college and is designed to enhance some of their soft skills - otherwise known as non-cognitive skills (such as time management, motivation, goal setting, and teamwork). These are the skills that are not typically measured by standardized tests nor typically taught in a traditional setting. COL 102 can help you build up your skills and confidence in these areas, while supporting and increasing your success in your other courses (understanding the syllabus, test taking, note taking, study skills).

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COL 102 - FAQs

What are the benefits to COL102?

Do I have to take COL102?

Can I take this class even if I am not identified?

What is Triton’s policy on mandatory enrollment in COL 102?

When did the new policy become effective?

How do I know if I need to enroll in COL 102?

Can I register for COL102 even if I am not required to?

How does the placement in COL 102 impact my success at Triton?

Does this class count toward my degree?

Does this course transfer?

Will I need to retake COL102 if I have passed it but put on academic probation again?

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Placement Review Resources

The ACCUPLACER Placement Test review materials listed below includes information about key concepts contained in the ACCUPLACER Reading, Writing and Math tests. After you complete a review of the concepts you can take a practice test and get feedback about your testing knowledge.

Remember, the ACCUPLACER placement test is designed to determine your skill level for college-level reading, writing and math. Taking the test doesn't mean that you've 'passed' reading, writing, or math, but your score indicates you can enroll in certain Triton courses. The score you receive will help determine which courses you should take so it's important for you to take the test seriously.

After you've completed the test your counselor can help you make appropriate course selections.

Need more information about the placement test? Find out more at Placement Testing or call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3252.

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Resources for Students

The College Readiness Courses:
A college readiness course is a college class that prepares you for college-level study but does not award credit toward your degree. Courses include:




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Contact Information

Dr. Michael Flaherty, Ph.D.
English Department Chair

Office: E-102F
(708) 456-0300 Ext. 3250

Beth Dunn
Math Department Chair
Office: E-211
(708) 456-0300 Ext. 3823

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